If You Want to Make God Laugh

… then tell Him your plans. That’s the saying, right? Well, so far I’ve proved it this month! I had grand plans of being halfway done with my NaNoWriMo novel so I could relax over Thanksgiving, but guess what? I’m behind! Doctor’s appointments keep getting rescheduled, there are holiday celebrations at the school, PTA meetings that I need to go to, volunteer slots that have to be filled… I’ll get it done, of course, but this is not at all what I envisioned.

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The Start of NaNoWriMo 2014

I decided to work on Behind Closed Doors this month. I felt like I needed a break from the difficult plot and character situation of The Elements and the changing storyline of Letting Go and remember the joys behind writing. I’ve gotten so caught up in the organization and outlines, I lost a bit of the ‘fun’ as I went along. I’m happy to say that it’s back, and I’m enjoying myself again :-)

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Who Knew?

Wow! I am beyond excited that I figured out the link between my main character and her father! I knew there was something more than him not being part of their magical world, but I didn’t know how it all fit together until today. After a few days of research, working on the Snowflake Method, and then thinking out “what if’s,” it hit me.

I am so excited about where this is going! Granted I’m going to have to trash a lot of what I’ve done, but now that I’m secure in the ‘back story’ of my people, I’ll just look at all those words as “practice.”


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Letting Go- Complete Overhaul

I never understood how people could revise their completed novels so much. I figured that once it was done there would be sentence structure changes and the like, but nothing major since the storyline was complete.

Boy was I wrong! I get it now. I REALLY get it. While Letting Go was completed on December 31, 2012, it isn’t finished. It was edited for the spring of 2013, then again for the winter of 2013. After two beta readers read it, I ended up doing some more major changes and was pretty happy with it… But now after my editing/writing partner read it and gave her opinions, I’m ripping it apart and changing it all again.

It’s taxing. It’s frustrating because I thought I had it. It’s exhausting. But, weaved within those same emotions, I also myself amazed by what is being uncovered. My main character who no one could stand is becoming someone I think people can relate too, and the relationship between her and my other main character is blooming into something pretty special.

I guess you just never know until you force yourself to move forward.


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Snowflake Method

Seriously, I wish I had known about this method years ago! While writing with a vague idea is interesting and exciting (and painful and tiring), this is pretty awesome too. The main reason I resisted it is because anything that requires steps and following a written plan makes me nervous because it seems like all the creativity gets sucked out of the whole thing. I mean, writing is supposed to be creative and explosive, right?!

Well, this snowflake method has shown me that surprises can exist in outlines too! I’ve literally laughed out loud at some of my discoveries during the character descriptions, and I am surprised that even with having completed Letting Go, there are still some major plot changes to be done. At the advise of my beta reader I “snowflaked” my novel, and what was uncovered was a whole lot of better :-)


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