Snowflake Method

Seriously, I wish I had known about this method years ago! While writing with a vague idea is interesting and exciting (and painful and tiring), this is pretty awesome too. The main reason I resisted it is because anything that requires steps and following a written plan makes me nervous because it seems like all the creativity gets sucked out of the whole thing. I mean, writing is supposed to be creative and explosive, right?!

Well, this snowflake method has shown me that surprises can exist in outlines too! I’ve literally laughed out loud at some of my discoveries during the character descriptions, and I am surprised that even with having completed Letting Go, there are still some major plot changes to be done. At the advise of my beta reader I “snowflaked” my novel, and what was uncovered was a whole lot of better :-)


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It’s almost November! This time I’m going at it a bit differently- I’m PLANNING AHEAD! Instead of pantsing it, I’m doing an entire outline via The Snowflake Method. I’ve worked a few hours on it already, so I hope to have a good idea of where I’m going when November rolls around and NaNoWriMo begins.

I’ve been meeting with another author every other Friday, and it’s been great to kick our creative ideas around, get feedback, and keep the inspiration/motivation flowing! I am about 80% done with editing Letting Go, and I have decided I need to shelve The Elements for a bit while I figure out some glaring plot issues/character flaws. I may even need to rework the whole thing, but the thought of ditching 80K words hurts too much to consider right now.

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Back to School

Now that the kids are in school again for the year, I can get back to a more organized schedule of writing, thank God. I am tired of feeling guilty that I’m not writing, and then when I am writing, feeling guilty that I’m not spending time with the kids.

My first official “back to work” day will be Friday when I meet with my beta reader for The Elements. I cannot wait to hear what she thinks of it! Good or bad, I’m ready to hit it hard :-D

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Want to Change Paths

Ugh. I think editing is it’s own special kind of hell. I find every excuse to not do it, and when I do, I struggle. I struggle with plot and changing some of my characters without affecting their voices. I worry that I’m changing too much and making the story completely different than the one I loved, and I worry that I’m not changing it enough to make the changes I am making effective.

I need to finish it, but I’m afraid that I’ll do it a real disservice if I continue working on it while in this frame of mind.

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I am so annoyed with myself. The whole writing process is so individual, and I found that in changing my original work in order to fit in someone else’s mold has really changed the finished product into something I just want to be DONE with rather than something I’m excited about.

Why is it so hard to trust that our inner intuition and drive is going to lead us somewhere better than our minds try to take us?!


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