Mar 24

Outside Of My Comfort Zone

RooBook copy

Here’s something I’ve been playing around with. See, my 6-year-old is quite a quirky little thing, and I am constantly catching and recording some of those instances. Someone told me I should write a book, and it’s been circling my brain for a bit now. So, considering I’m done (for a brief moment in time) with Behind Closed Doors and have begun unraveling the mess that is The Elements, maybe it’s time I do something fun!


Mar 17

Stepping Stones

It’s done! Behind Closed Doors is finally off to my first set of beta readers! What a relief. It’s funny, but I find myself more excited having completed this part of the process than I did when I typed “the end.” I wonder if it’s because I know the glaring issues have been fixed, and the only thing left are the fun things, like sentence manufacturing and stuff, or if I’m just happy to have an excuse not to read the darn thing for the 5th time?

Mar 09

Motivation Lost

Why is it that I’m having such a hard time with editing? In truth I have done a lot, but I find that getting what I hand-wrote into the computer is where I’m struggling. I also found out that I’m missing TWO CHAPTERS rather than the one I thought I needed to write, AND I want to change the ending. While that isn’t the worst outcome, it’s a bit overwhelming when I thought I had the whole story done. I don’t want to just toss these two chapters in to keep the organization of the characters in line with my OCD needs, but I do feel that these two characters deserve another chapter to bring their personalities alive. *sigh* I don’t want to restructure everything, but maybe I’m just being too hard on myself and it won’t come to that. I won’t know unless I get off my *ss and DO IT anyway!

Feb 21


It’s done, but not over.

I took a few days off, but then I went straight to editing. I’m working through it twice; once character by character, and the next chapter by chapter. I’m hoping to do whatever tweaking I need to keep the character’s voices consistent and true, and also be sure that the timeline works out. Everything seems good so far!

I also have 2 sets of beta readers ready to go. The first set is reading to give me editorial advice, and the second group is reading more for the entertainment value. I’m right on schedule, so I’m pretty excited :-D

Feb 12

Done With Goal One

It’s a funny thing. I thought I would feel this amazing sense of joy when I wrote the above words, but I haven’t. I’m happy, don’t get me wrong, but I almost think that in being done, there are a whole new set of hurdles that need to be jumped. Editing for unnecessary references. Plot holes (though thankfully I don’t have but maybe one or two, and those are going to be easier to fix than the ones I’m still facing with Letting Go). Scanning for -ly verbs. Making sure each character’s voice is represented and honest. Assuring myself that enough is said so the book can stand on its own, yet leaving just enough unsaid to make people want to follow their story into book 2.

For now, I think I’m going to take a shower and allow myself to feel accomplished. I’ll let the rest of it unfold as it will, because I trust enough in the process to enjoy the ride without being too focused on the outcome.


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